Science and technology enable traditional clothing industry in the future full of "science and technology style"


The third phase of the 133rd Canton Fair officially kicked off on May 1 and entered its second day on May 2. It is understood that the third phase of the Canton Fair 10,400 exhibitors, exhibition themes involving textiles and clothing, food, medicine and medical care and other 5 categories of 16 exhibition areas, the number of import exhibitors reached 202.

Museum Canton Fair: Future Fashion "Science and Technology Model"

 In the textile, clothing and footwear exhibition of the third phase of the Canton Fair, the participating enterprises take research and development design as the focus, and inject new vitality into the design. At the same time, promote product transformation and upgrading, improve consumer experience, and better cope with the increasingly fierce market competition.


From assisting clothing design to enhancing fabric quality to increasing the use of functions, in recent years, science and technology continue to empower the traditional clothing industry, inject new vitality into design, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

Textile fabric new products green environmental protection into bright point


In addition to high-tech clothing and footwear, textile raw materials and fabrics are also on display in the exhibition area. Many textile and apparel enterprises have brought their latest products, hoping to go abroad with the help of the Canton Fair platform and harvest new opportunities. The reporter saw at the scene that an enterprise in the textile raw material fabric exhibition area brought traditional intangible heritage fabrics, which attracted many merchants to stop and negotiate.


     In addition, combined with the sustainable development trend of the industry and the concept of green environmental protection, from textile fabrics to clothing production, more and more enterprises began to develop green products.

The exhibition area of featured products of rural revitalization is connected with domestic and foreign markets


     The third phase of the Canton Fair also set up an exhibition area for featured products of rural revitalization. Enterprises from 22 provinces in central, western and northeastern China come here to participate in the exhibition with their own hometown products. Through the Canton Fair platform, they can broaden their horizons, obtain information, actively connect with the international and domestic markets, help enterprises to integrate into the domestic and international double cycle, and promote the rural revitalization of poverty-stricken areas.