The value of the future trend of intertextile is not only about beauty, but also about it


     The Intertextile series was launched in 1995. Since its inception, it has been adhering to the principle of sex and trade and the purpose of serving exhibitors, serving the industry and serving the market. The focus of the expo is on the organization of the audience, the transmission of international very new popular information and the promotion of substantive trade and cooperation. The Expo has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results. At the same time, the expo has also been the exhibitors, visitors and industry personnel alike praise.


The China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo started in 1995 with a size of 4,000 square meters, and has been expanding year by year. At the beginning of the year, it was held in Shanghai in October, and then expanded to Shanghai in March and October, and Shenzhen in July. The exhibition in March spring has reached 182,000 square meters in 2016, with more than 4,600 exhibitors from 29 countries and regions. These growth figures indicate a kind of development, but also means that domestic and foreign exhibitors to the depth of recognition of the exhibition. As a very large scale of the world's surface accessories exhibition, intertextile fabric exhibition has witnessed the rapid development of China's textile and apparel industry for more than 20 years.


China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo is a very large scale clothing fabrics and accessories exhibition in the world. The exhibition provides a one-stop purchasing platform for garment manufacturers, trading companies, importers and exporters, retailers, chain stores and other fabric buyers to display all kinds of clothing fabrics and accessories, widely used in formal wear, shirts, women's wear, functional/sportswear, casual wear, denim and other types of clothing. The China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo is not only a quality platform for purchasing very new fabrics and accessories, but also provides design inspiration for the next season's fashion trends with its trend areas and workshops.


The more mature intertextile will continue to strengthen the textile field of China and countries around the world


        intertextile products · large and complete with fine and fine, perfect integration


       From all over the world, the surface accessories products let the buyers cry, very luxurious, very cool, very fashionable, very environmental protection, very young...... It's there if you want it.


       intertextile led the Special Zone to foster new technology design and deep pilotage


       In addition to the common surface accessories products are classified into categories and inductive display, intertextile surface accessories exhibition there are jumping denim exhibition area, excipient horizon exhibition area, pattern design area, static trend area, interactive space, excipient display cabinet...... A series of special planning exhibition areas leading the industry towards the development of green, science and technology, fashion three directions, these special planning exhibition areas have also won the recognition and praise of many visitors!


       intertextile gathers strength and integrates to help the global textile industry and connect the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain


       The on-site business atmosphere of this exhibition is very strong, exhibitors have said that the customer flow is large, and the quality of the audience is high, some of the enterprises in the development of D received hundreds of effective customers, not including the old customers and potential new customers without written records.


       intertextile meets. Foresight information gathers here, and inspiration comes from it


       During the exhibition, nearly 50 seminars were held in the form of lectures and panel meetings, covering various themes such as fashion trends, technological innovation, market information and marketing, sustainable development and emerging market opportunities. The first day of the Belt and Road investment promotion will get the attention of many industry people, the scene was packed!