quality assurance
Because we have 30 years of history, and has accumulated many years of experience, our company produce fashion in the past, casual wear, so we do workwear according to the quality of fashion to produce.
We have independent technology, excellent designer team, the computer draw software (with the most advanced American Gerber AccuMark software).
And independent QC team, powerful follow order team, which can ensure the technology won't go wrong, It can guarantee the quality, ensure that our products are to make the customer satisfied.
We have our own factory, the number of work more than 1000 people, can follow-up to guarantee the quality of the product.
We are professional workwear factory.
Price advantage
The main cost of garment depends on fabric and accessories and processing cost,Our factory is located in Hebei Province of China. It is teem with cotton in Hebei province, so the fabric with absolute advantage price.
Most of the employees from our clothing factory remote rural recruitment, local life level is low, we paid less wages than the same industry sewing worker. So our price will have the advantage of price than our competitors.
Quick quotation
We will offer for you in 1-2 day if you select the usual fabric.
The sample can be in 7-in 15 days to complete the correct sample.
If you have no size chart, we will make the size chart for you according to our database of human body.
If you think our price is beyond your target price, please bring your target price report come here, our department of technology will be calculate price according to your target price, give you a best price.
Advanced equipment
Cut workshop: using the most advanced equipment from Japan, through led by cutting workshop director and a monitor, a group of excellent skill super young people here apply their talents, to achieve their ideal. In their efforts to ensure that all products of the cutting quality, in their efforts to each batch of products are not have problems and delay delivery. They are the best!
Sewing workshop: the Japan JUKI and brother brand the garment sewing equipment make up 30 of clothing production lines, by the workshop director and the monitor of the lead, they work together, work, in their efforts to a batch of a batch of high quality workwear be produced. We feel be proud as we have such excellent team, the best product quality is our answer!
After processing workshop: the Japan JUKI clothing special locking devices, such as JUKI3200 computer ball peen keyhole machine, JUKI1900 computer bar tacks machine and other advanced equipment, in locking director of the monitor's lead, they respect work, and studying technology, diligent, simplicity in their to struggle together, to ensure that the extension of all products widely locking quality, ensure that all customer delivery.
Ironing packing workshop: We are using the Shanghai jia tian garment ironing equipment, by monitor lead, little by little, bit meticulous, their effort for the workwear last line of quality. Let's give the good, a vigor, and a young team clapping come on, for their excellent performance to cheer!